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Zinc and Botox

Adding This One Thing to Your Diet Could Make Your Botox and Dysport Last Longer

Did you know Botox requires a certain threshold of zinc in the body for Botox to be effective? This may be why Botox is more effective in some people or why some Botox treatments last longer than others. Each Botox molecule must attach itself to a zinc molecule for the Botox treatment to be successful – less zinc, less places for Botox to bind.

This information is based on a recent study by Dr. Charles Soparkar, MD., where he studied the effects of zinc on Botox, Myobloc and Dysport. The participants were given zinc and the enzyme phytase (used to help with zinc absorption) four days before their treatment and the results were pretty astounding. 92% of the participants saw a 30% increase in the lasting-effects of their treatment and 84% saw improved effects of the treatment. One thing to note is that in this study, only individuals over the age of 70 participated; as we age we tend to be nutrient-deficient, which could be the reason why zinc had such an effect in this study.

There are several ways that you can incorporate zinc into your lifestyle to enjoy it’s effects on your Botox or Dysport treatments. There are zinc rich foods like poultry, pork, beans and grains that you can start eating more regularly, but this is often not enough zinc to make a difference. You can take the prescription Zytaze, a supplement combining both zinc and phytase, but this can cost up to $80 for ten pills. You can also supplement your diet with zinc alone – although it might not be as effective as using it in conjunction with phytase.

Zinc also helps with:

  • Increasing immunity
  • Balancing hormones
  • Fighting diabetes
  • Maintaining heart health

Please note, this is not medical advise and always consult with your physician before starting any new supplement regimens.